Halloween Party Ideas

When it comes to having a Halloween party, there are a few things that are necessities for fun. This includes costumes, make up, Halloween decoration and Halloween masks. Here are a few ideas on what to get for a Halloween party.


As the host or hostess of the Halloween party, you could require that all guests come in costumes or Halloween masks and make up. A themed Halloween party such as using the name of a movie as your theme would require all guests to dress up as a character from the movie. When dressing up yourself, it is important to choose the scariest star of the movie in order to set the tone for your party. If children are to be included, making sure that the children in your home are dressed up in make up or Halloween masks pertinent to the movie is essential. If you cannot find any characters for the children to dress up as, simply adding them as ghouls or goblins will help add to the feel of your party and make them feel a part of things.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are the topper to any Halloween party. No matter what kind of music, food or costumes is used it makes no difference if the Halloween decorations are not in place. For a horror themed party, you could use spider webs, fake blood and wax paper, black lights and fog machines as part of your Halloween decorations. Using the wax paper on your walls and then splashing the fake blood on the paper will give your home the hacker or slasher feel from the movie, and spider webs hung in corners will also add to the feel. Using black lights instead of actual lighting in your home will also help add to the spookiness of your party. Having a fog machine in one corner of the room, or close to the door that your guests will be entering through is ideal. This lets the fog travel throughout the room when a guest enters, allowing them a spooky entrance for the party. Dry ice can also be used in your punch bowl to add a fog effect in the bowl. For children’s Halloween parties, it is best to stick with movies that are more their age group. If using a Disney movie, simple Halloween masks can be found for this purpose to hang from walls.

Halloween Masks

For children, the Halloween masks are ideal. However, if the child is in their teenage years, makeup may be more appropriate. Smaller children tend to lose patience when having the makeup applied; therefore it is probably best to go with the mask. Smaller children’s parties commonly feature characters from their favorite shows or movies, therefore visiting a party store will guarantee the most popular decorations and costumes for your young ones. Some children do not want to use a mask, but simply want to have a little makeup or only wear the costume and nothing to cover their faces. This is acceptable for any child, as they should not be forced to wear a costume they do not like. However, for adults, the Halloween masks are imperative and should be worn all night.


There are many games such as pin the fangs on Dracula that can be played at Halloween parties. Many games ideas are available online, and rules as well as paper cutouts can be printed. Bobbing for apples is a classic game, as well as guess who the real person is under their costume. Small prizes such as bags of candy can be given for those who win the games.